General Computer was founded in Riyadh in Saudi Arabia as a small company. Now it is considered as a leader in the distribution of information technology.
During the years of successful work and dynamic development, we have developed our own principles, based on constantly refined system of customer service, extensive dealer network, highly skilled staff and focus on business requirements of our partners.
As one of our unique differentiators allow us to serve our clients and partners is the experience and felixablility of our resources to understand and analyzed the core requirements and advice with the approaches that make the different in implemented the short and long term solutions.
General Computer provides deep industry expertise and business processes knowledge across a diversified range of industries
In today's competitive market, challenging organizations to improve operational efficiency, at the same time generate better value and provide the best experience for customers.
If you think that you have the skills needed to join our team, the following are some helpful hints and tips that will give you the view from the inside of what we are looking for.
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